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The Association of Towns of the State of New York was established in 1933 to help towns obtain greater economy and efficiency. The Association serves town governments by providing training programs, research and information services, technical assistance, legal services, insurance programs and a variety of publications to member towns. It represents town governments by providing advocacy in Albany, monitoring legislation and regulatory action, lobbying and presenting initiatives solely on behalf of towns. The Association gains all of its revenue from dues and activities and receives no State or federal assistance.


NYCOM was founded in 1910. At the beginning of the 20th century, “state municipal leagues” began to be formed to give general support to municipal officials in each state, serving as a way to improve local government by facilitating cooperation, the exchange of information and ideas on best practices, and the discussion of new solutions to common municipal problems. Then, as now, NYCOM’s mission is to serve as a powerful advocate for city and village governments and their taxpayers. NYCOM is a readily accessible source of practical information touching upon every area of municipal activity and the preeminent provider of training for local government officials.


Good Energy, L.P. is an energy management and consulting firm working in all deregulated energy markets nationally on behalf of public and private clients and is the industry leader in CCA program design and implementation. Good Energy works collaboratively with communities and energy buying groups of all sizes.